Cornwall Ground Screw Installers

Screw pile installer in Cornwall

What is a ground screw or screw pile?

A ground screw or screw pile is essentially a large screw with one or more threads or sometimes know as helical blades. The ground screw is then firmly screwed into the ground using a range of machinery depending on the ground conditions and access,the ground screw is then anchored below the frost line by the…
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Why GSW Ground Screws & Screw Piles?

All ground screws are installed by highly trained GSW engineers. Fast response times to work with your project program. Excellent customer service, in house structural design & CAD service. Each ground screws load-bearing capacity is tested and proven after installation. Our ground screws can be installed on any terrain even uneven & difficult to access…
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Log cabin foundations, Cornwall ground screws

How do you attach onto a ground screw?

Cornwall Ground Screws Bracket System We have a large range of brackets available to suit most foundation projects. We also have an in house design facility to design and make custom and bespoke ground screw and screw pile attachment brackets. The beauty of our ground screw system compared to other manufactures and suppliers is our…
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Ground Screw Installation Devon

Ground Screws – The Best Foundation

Fast, Precise & Reliable We use only the highest quality products and the best installation engineers.   More reasons why ground screw and screw pile foundations are simply the best foundation choice. Precise installation of each ground screw. Ground screw design and selection for each terrain and soil type. Perfect laser leveled foundations. Short installation time. Environmentally friendly…
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Cornwall Annex Installation Foundation Ground Screws

Garden Annexe Foundations

Did you know our ground screws are widely used for buildings such as garden offices and even garden annexes? We can provide structural certification and a full design service with our foundation systems. We have just completed another foundation design for garden annex installation company Think External. This recent design was for a 2 bedroom…
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Devon Ground Screw Installer

Advantages of ground screws

Advantages of ground screws A long-lasting foundation method Hot-dip galvanized screw piles are highly resistant to corrosion. Cost-effective Fast installation, no large-scale earthmoving, no frost insulation, no drainage, no casting, affordable transport, and storage. Countless applications New buildings and extensions, summer cottages, warehouses, carports, terraces, fences, piers, lighting poles, traffic signs, pipelines, agricultural and industrial…
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